[Marxism] Philly Socialist report on Socialism 2019 (FB)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 10 17:27:58 MDT 2019

Socialism 2019 report back

I left the Socialism 2019 conference with both a lot of fear and a lot 
of hope.

My fear: It's true that socialism is on the rise, but it is not at all 
revolutionary socialism. DSA took over a significant portion of the 
event and many panels / discussions were more electoral leaning and even 
liberal than I'd expected.

My hope: It's also true there is a significant minority that is 
absolutely on board with our mission. I had dozens of discussions with 
former ISO who either didnt want to go the DSA route, or had gone it and 
are currently very disappointed. Many feel ready to try a new strategy.

My feelings: The trip was an absolute success in terms of our ability to 
network with other revolutionary socialists and advocate for base 
building. We came away with a long list of MC interested orgs across the 
country and even in (as they pointed out, occupied) Canada, and stronger 
ties to current members. Andrew and Kate's talk on basebuilding was 
floor-and-standing room only.

We need to act now: The main sentiment I received from people, ranging 
from former ISO individuals to already affiliated groups trying to get 
off the ground, is that they dont have enough resources and guidance on 
base building. They are convinced, but unsure how to start, especially 
for groups needing to build starting from maybe 5 members.

What is needed: Narratives and guides from MC orgs on what getting 
started for them was like: early canvassing efforts, small serve the 
people projects, beginning a tenants union or labor organizing. Many 
people are in a position to devour these materials and act but we should 
move while the post-conference energy is there and before many of the 
former ISO groups dissolve further or give up. They have also requested 
organizer visits. The key phrase here is ASAP.

Thank you for putting your trust in me to represent Philly Socialist and 
the Marxist Center!

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