[Marxism] Gray Zone versus the deep state, regime change, Trotskyite devils | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

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Thu Jul 11 05:00:29 MDT 2019

Chris, since movements that are under some kind of siege need to build
alliances first and foremost among other people struggling (regardless of
whether there might still be a necessity to deal with the devil as you
describe), could you please send through any statements of solidarity by
the "Rojava revolutionaries" with the people being mass murdered in Idlib
and Hama for months on end now by the regime and Russian imperialism, with
literally dozens of hospitals and schools being bombed, at least 500 killed
and 100s of 1000s displaced. Thanks.

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> Today two examples are Venezuela receiving aid from Russia and the Syrian
> Democratic Forces receiving aid from the US.
> Such aid always involves the danger of cooption and degeneration.  But
> this is not inevitable.  Whether a movement gets coopted depends on a range
> of local and international factors.
> For example, if the Turkish government stopped threatening to invade
> northeastern Syria, the SDF would no longer need US support to deter such
> an invasion, and the danger of cooption would be reduced.

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