[Marxism] Orwell versus Hitler: Not That Much Difference | Washington Babylon

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 09:32:06 MDT 2019

Gives new meaning to term "Stalinist hack". Such a-historical crap. Trying
to blame Orwell as the progenitor of original sin. This pathetic waste of
band-width fails utterly to deal with a single fact on Homage to Catalonia!
Not ONE!!! The problem with the author is that he refuses to assign the
blame for anti-Communism where it belongs: with the Stalinists who
sabotaged the workers revolution in Spain during the Civil War, murdered
revolutionaries and Spanish (and international) Stalinists' utter contempt
for workers self organization and revolutionary direction...which they
openly opposed. Of course Orwell became an anti-communist...the lying sack
of shit who wrote this screed should looking in the fucking mirror.

David Walters

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