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Fri Jul 12 15:39:22 MDT 2019

Two new documentaries share by pure coincidence the threat to sea 
mammals posed by venal Chinese consumerism.

“Long Gone Wild”, which is available across all VOD platforms on July 
16th, picks up where “Blackfish” left off. Made in 2013, “Blackfish” 
exposed the cruel exploitation of orcas at SeaWorld, where they were 
confined to unnatural, prison-like conditions and forced to perform 
circus-type tricks until the 12,500-pound Tilikum began to take 
vengeance on two of his trainers and a hapless trespasser. “Long Gone 
Wild” demonstrates that while SeaWorld made significant concessions to 
activists and scientists, it has continued to explore ways in which the 
killer whale can be commodified. Ironically, the nomenclature “killer 
whale” seems inappropriate since it is profit-seeking that is the real 
killer, especially as China has become the new SeaWorld colossus with 
Russia supplying most of the kidnapped creatures for big money.

“Sea of Shadows”, which opens at The Landmark at 57 West and Quad Cinema 
in New York today, concerns the vaquita, the smallest porpoise in 
existence. It is poised on the edge of extinction largely as collateral 
damage created once again by China. It turns out that the swimming 
bladder of the totoaba, a member of the drum family, is prized by 
Chinese for its medicinal properties and that can command $40,000 on the 
black market just like rhinoceros horns and other animal organs taken 
from animals at the top of the food chain. The fisherman of San Felipe, 
a seacoast village in Baja California, have begun using gillnets to 
snare the totoaba but the vaquitas are caught as well. Except for a 
small minority of fishermen in the village who disavow such wasteful 
practices, the rest are willing to break the law as part of cartel run 
by local gangsters and their Chinese middle-men.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/07/12/long-gone-wild-sea-of-shadows/

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