[Marxism] Solidarity Unionism and Dual Carding: A Primer - Regeneration Magazine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 13 06:43:31 MDT 2019

There’s a dissonance at the heart of the labor movement. On the one 
hand, contemporary labor unions were built on the back of militant 
worker struggle. For example, the massive strikes of the 1930s built the 
backbone of the present-day AFL-CIO. Any particular long-standing union, 
if you go far enough back in its history, you’ll find strikes that made 
the union. On the other hand, the labor movement of the present has been 
in retreat for decades, in large part aided by the passivity and 
cowardice of union officials and staff who have preferred to make 
concessionary deals and shy away from direct confrontation.


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