[Marxism] The New Fugitive Slave Laws | by Manisha Sinha | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 19 07:27:57 MDT 2019

Warren, an academic by profession, was—like many volunteers with No More 
Deaths, Ajo Samaritans, and other humanitarian aid groups working in the 
desert—motivated simply to save lives. He told The Intercept that he had 
come across human remains during his hikes in wilderness areas—a 
shocking spectacle that moved him much as the abolitionist editor Elijah 
Lovejoy was moved by the “savage barbarity” he witnessed in St. Louis in 
1836 when a black man was burned to death by a white mob. Lovejoy wrote 
an editorial condemning the appropriately named Judge Lawless for 
setting the dead man’s lynchers free, an exercise of free speech for 
which Lovejoy was driven out of town (and he was later murdered by 
proslavery rioters).


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