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Fri Jul 19 09:03:37 MDT 2019

Two of the more infamous Republican Party operatives have become the 
subjects of biopics within the past year. In “Vice”, a 2018 film now 
available on Amazon streaming, Adam McKay portrayed Dick Cheney as a 
cynical opportunist who was both responsible for the “war on terror” and 
the extension of executive power that enabled the Bush White House to 
suspend habeas corpus. Currently running on Showtime, “The Loudest 
Voice” examines the life of Roger Ailes as a modern-day equivalent of 
Citizen Kane if Orson Welles had portrayed his fictionalized version of 
William Randolph Hearst as a monster straight out of his mother’s womb.

The two subjects have quite a bit in common. To start with, they were 
both products of an America that Norman Rockwell once painted but no 
longer exists. Growing up in Casper, Wyoming, Cheney enjoyed life in 
“The Oil City” that was ranked eighth overall in Forbes magazine’s list 
of “the best small cities to raise a family.” Ailes hailed from Warren, 
Ohio, a mid-sized city like Casper, that like the rest of the pre-Rust 
Belt region relied on manufacturing to provide the solid middle-class 
existence portrayed in Rockwell paintings. His father was a foreman in 
Packard Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors. Just like Michael 
Moore, whose father worked for GM in Flint, Ailes idealized the Warren 
of his youth, seeing it as a place where motherhood, apple pie and the 
flag reigned supreme. Like Steve Bannon, Ailes’s right-populism revolved 
around the notion of making a new world of Warrens possible by keeping 
out immigrants and toughening up trade policies long before Donald Trump 
became President.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/07/19/vice-the-loudest-voice/

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