[Marxism] Agriculture: The Worst Mistake Humans Ever Made

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 09:54:27 MDT 2019

Thanks to Dave Riley (a comrade from the FB group "Soil Alliance") for
setting or beginning to set the record straight. His point *"Soil
disturbance through the invention and use of the plough has to be seen as a
key mistake"* hit's the nail on the head and the fact that this is only
really noted by agro-anthropologists (anthropologists and historians with a
strong understanding of agricultural techniques). Agriculture was a *great
and wonderful* advancement over hunter-gathering.

[I should point out here that Marshal Sahlins has been thoroughly diced and
taken down by many anthropologists. There *is* a debate on Shalin's
anthropological projections. He by no means represents any sort of

When talking to agronomists who look back at ancient societies of all sorts
(including the most prevalent for thousands of years in the New World,
those that engaged in both hunting and gathering AND agriculture) it is
indeed *how* early agricultural societies farmed, not that they farmed at
all. Most of the agronomists who study this do indeed point out that the
plow was the key instrument that causes all sorts of problems primarily
being that of soil infertility and soil runoff. By exposing soils to the
sun, one kills off the bacteria and fungi that completes the symbiotic
relationship between the sun, soil, plants as cover crops, domesticated
animals, and humans. Many would argue that this is the single biggest
blight on humanity when it started farming.

David Walters

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