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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 23 12:19:28 MDT 2019

Opening on Friday at the Quad in New York and at the Laemmle in Los 
Angeles, “For Sama” is a documentary filmed and directed by Waad 
al-Kateab, the young mother of Sama, a baby girl born during the siege 
of East Aleppo. Waad was married to Hamza al-Kateab, the head doctor at 
the only still-functioning hospital of 9 that had been bombed into 
oblivion by Syrian helicopters and Russian jets. With his medical 
credentials, it would have been easy for Hamza to pick up and move to 
another country where he could have enjoyed a comfortable life with his 
family. Instead, Waad and Hamza remained because even under the darkest 
days of the siege, they continued to believe in the original goals of 
the Syrian revolution, namely to live a life without fear of being 
jailed, tortured or killed under a government that was not a corrupt, 
mafia-like family dynasty. The film is titled “For Sama” because as Waad 
says in the final minute of the film, it was worth enduring all their 
suffering in the hopes that her children and those of other Syrians 
could realize their dream

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/07/23/for-sama/

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