[Marxism] [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] Review: ME, MIKKO, and ANNIKKI, by Tiitu Takalo | Comics Grinder

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 24 11:49:54 MDT 2019

The reader can’t help but empathize with Tiitu and her fight to create 
and maintain a community. This is everyone’s fight. Most of us on this 
planet but face the basic need of affordable housing. Tiitu, in her 
youth, stumbles upon what could be the answer for her in the long term. 
A block of homes are available to the right buyers, those with a certain 
determination and persistence. Tiitu understands that she must be 
willing to not only rebuild her home from scratch but also be ready to 
fight the local bureaucracy and keep the forces of gentrification at 
bay. Tiitu Takalo charms and informs with her words and pictures: part 
history, part memoir, and part quirky observation. Takalo offers up a 
most inviting narrative that just goes to show that, no matter where one 
lives, whether in Seattle or in Finland, we are more alike than we are 
different. We all need shelter. We all have an instinct to fight for our 
lives. And it is all too often the least fortunate going up against the 
powers that be. Takalo brings all of that home for the reader.


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