[Marxism] What, or whom, will we eat? | Richard Seymour on Patreon

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 26 17:11:02 MDT 2019

> do we have to become 
> Malthusians? We can't evade the fact of natural limits to the planet's 
> systems. But how close we are to those limits, and the effects they 
> have, is obviously contingent on our social system. And, of course, the 
> way it uses technologies.

Our denial that we humans are earth parasites has led us to our looming demise. Once, feeling guilty about the animals we stole from God's forest, we had animal sacrifice. Although some people still say, "Thank you God for the gift of this food," most of us still pretend that we earn, even create, what we have been given. What ever happened to humility? 

Parasite reality is not a popular message, and anyway even if it were accepted by everyone today it would be 2000 years too late to stop the damage done by the idea that God gave all the wealth of the earth to us. Thanks to that idea it seems there's no reason to feel guilty about consuming all "our" natural resources however we please and as fast a possible.

Imagine that fleas have machines, owners, and workers. Worker fleas who run the blood pumps get respect and a ration of blood. They are not parasites. Fleas who own the dog get the rest of the blood, but how much blood can a few owner fleas and a few worker fleas drink? If only a few of the pumps can provide all the needed blood  many fleas will be unemployed. Pumping some extra blood for the unemployed fleas who can't pay would be welfare. Welfare would deny unemployed fleas the dignity of a job, and it would make them too lazy to sit on a pump and push buttons.

If all the fleas got a full time job running a blood pump the dog would die sooner, but worker fleas could all be proud of their hard work in running their "own"  pumps. (Owned by some other flea)  The key to creating jobs for unemployed fleas is to consume more blood, needed or not. Flea economics teaches that it would impose a heavy cost to miss the opportunity to consume all the dog's blood in one flea lifetime. 


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