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Sat Jul 27 01:17:23 MDT 2019

 I think this critique is very relevant to Richard Seymour's argument
and bares taking on board:

Ian Angus on Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore:

"Most of the chapters are textbook examples of reification — treating
social relationships as things, as objects to be bought and sold.
Throughout A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, complex
social-metabolic processes and relationships are reduced to things
that capitalists use. Capital is just money. Energy is just fuel.
Agriculture and farming are just food and calories. Nature is just raw
materials and other inputs to production. The complex subject of
social reproduction and the oppression of women in capitalist society
is reduced to care. There is no dialectic here, only an unrelenting
emphasis on cheapness, as if understanding capitalist development is
simply a matter of determining whether the price is right."


This ready reification approach is a major discombobulation in the
climate change movement.

I think it is the same mistake that Vegans -- especially 'Vegan-prone'
Marxists -- make.

That is, reducing so much of the environmental issue to an ahistorical
take on the exploitation and death of animals at the hands of human

dave riley

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