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Sat Jul 27 13:13:24 MDT 2019

Evangelicalism has thus become as much a political as a religious 
identity. We cannot talk about this component of Trumpism without 
stressing that it is a response to a perceived crisis. In his book 
Family Values and the Rise of the Christian Right (2015), Seth Dowland 
traces the melding of conservative horror about the social, political, 
and lifestyle transformations of the 1960s with the drive among 
evangelical Christians to promote a racially coded and reactionary 
social vision of a patriarchal male-breadwinner family. The evangelical 
energy of the last generation, Dowland shows, was fueled by a 
conservative response among whites to the upheavals taking place around 
them, from the rise of wide acceptance of homosexuality and the growth 
of feminism to the attack on racial segregation and the emergence of 
more racially diverse communities. According to Dowland, evangelical 
belief and practice has been inseparable from the history and practices 
of American racism. “What most distinguishes white American evangelicals 
from other Christians, other religious groups, and nonbelievers,” 
Dowland wrote last year in Christian Century in an essay on the politics 
of whiteness, “is not theology but politics.”

full: http://bostonreview.net/race-politics/ronald-aronson-solid-trumpism

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