[Marxism] US tourist freed in Syria

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Qamishli is a divided city.  Parts are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, other parts are under the control of the Assad regime.  There is an uneasy coexistence, punctuated by occasional armed clashes.

Chris Slee
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This rich and arrogant US tourist (if his claims are to be believed) went
wandering the streets of Qamishli, in YPG controlled area of NE Syria, when
he was arrested by Assad's troops last May. "While the city, the largest in
the autonomous Kurdish region, is under the control of the YPG, the regime
mans checkpoints dotted around." But what are Assad's troops doing
patrolling a YPG controlled region? Clearly, the YPG is working
hand-in-glove with Assad.

After negotiations, he was recently released. Evidently as opposed to
almost everybody else arrested in Syria, he was not tortured. Equally, it's
clear that they both are working hand-in-glove with US imperialism.


John Reimann

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