[Marxism] Santino William Legan Identified as Gilroy Garlic Fest Shooter – Rolling Stone

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 11:24:25 MDT 2019

Another white racist in a mass shooting? This one wanted “to kill white
twats from Silicon Valley” ...what is not a surprise is that another easy
narrative is trotted out reducing a mass shooting where someone who said
they are "really, really angry" as their motive to simple white racism.  No
other variables or complexity at play here. Not misogyny, not a feeling of
exclusion from Silicon Valley, or from his overachieving family. Nothing
but the fury of a 19-year-old, hardly a man today, acting out radical
rightwing fantasies. So, let’s quickly rule out the competing radical
literature found in his home to situate this more easily into an MSM
narrative, or any thing else that conflicts with this story.

Funny, when Willem Van Sorensen in a "Lone Wolf" attack on an ICE detention
center, the* Antifa* supporting left on the internet went wild calling him
a martyr and for thousands of WVS's to rise, yet not a peep denouncing him.
Not from any sector of the left called it what it was, another mental
health breakdown, but this time from the left. He was a sad, confused
individual who acted out in accordance to a political naïve ideological
strain in the U.S., which is so focused on the individual and what the
individual thinks and feels as the sole influence in behavior, that he
thought this a noble deed. This line of thought justifies work and actions
that actually may hurt radical anti-capitalist movements or working-class
folks and seemingly disregards possible consequences in the form of
retribution from State and Non-state actors on those not involved in

Yes, many aspects of groupism are at play in mass shootings and workplace
shootings, (often racism, but homophobia, xenophobia, and many more, but
few are motivated by one single grievance).  Instead of examining the
complexity that drives people to act alone in so-called revolutionary
suicides, we get “deep” insights to their dispositions as if the
dysfunction arose biologically, or made them more susceptible to extreme
ideologies; and then we get the red herring of firearms as the culprit, as
if disarming everyone but the police is the answer. Yet the desperation
that drives attacks that comes from structure of capitalism is ignored. The
inability of each of these examples  shows the failure of the left to
organize and properly help folks educate themselves to begin to work
collectively so that they build numbers that have the power to both take on
sections of capital and provide their members with the support, empathy and
understand needed to maintain mental health.

If we blame racism and gun access alone for Gilroy, the question becomes
why aren't there even more shootings? What will we say or do when more
so-called Leftist martyrs use tactics like propaganda of the deed, instead
of the hard work of organizing and training? Will we simply blame and
castigate them in the vein of Chris Hedges and the like, or will we take
the time to listen to those who are enthralled by the promise of liberation
through any means without understanding the consequences of those actions
so that a true discussion will arise?

None of this is going away soon and with the upcoming election, it will
intensify as more “mass shooters” will be less “confused and conflicted,”
more ideologically driven, but just as emotionally unfit for revolutionary
action as the examples above. Armed leftists groups cannot start or fight a
revolution any time soon (if ever!), but they can begin to build the
cultures that will be able to connect with the sections of working-class
military that are already joining armed left groups as this is key in any
future rebellion or any revolutionary moment. Part of building these
cultures is giving support to groups and individuals, so that those joining
groups understand that they are not alone and that the work is collective,
not solitary, and long-term and will not happen overnight.

jeffrey masko

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