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On 5/3/19 8:21 AM, Glauber Ataide wrote:
> He was the first to LIE about the Holodomor.
> There had always been famines in the ex-USSR, but these were not caused 
> intentionally by Stalin. That's the great lie.

Right. Stalin did not intentionally carry out policies that were 
designed to kill millions of Ukrainians. He was not much different from 
Winston Churchill who never intended to kill Bengalis during WWII, only 
control grain resources in order to defeat Hitler.

I wrote extensively about the Holodomor in the aftermath of Euromaidan, 
relying in part not on Conquest, who I've never read, but on the author 
of the article I posted a link to.

I debated the idiot Grover Furr on CounterPunch. Here's an excerpt:

Around the time Furr wrote his article, I had already begun reading 
scholarly literature on the Holodomor including everything that Tauger 
had written on the topic. Despite his reputation as a leading authority 
on the famine, he has never written a book about it. At one time, he had 
an archive of his articles on the U. of West Virginia but they seemed to 
have mysteriously disappeared. One hopes that a Pravy Sektor hacker was 
not responsible.

Fortunately, my privileges as a Columbia University retiree has enabled 
me to read Tauger’s articles, including one titled “Natural Disaster and 
Human Actions in the Soviet Famine of 1931-1933” that can be accessed at 
the University of Pittsburgh Carl Beck Papers in Russian and Eastern 
European Studies.

I was surprised, but not overly so, to discover Tauger applying the same 
methodology to other famines in that article. If you are one of those 
leftists who blames British colonialism for the Potato Famine in 
Ireland, he will disabuse you of such foolish notions:

	Consequently an understanding of the Soviet famine, and of the intense 
conflict between regime and peasants over grain procurements emphasized 
in most studies, requires an examination of the causes of those small 
harvests. Two examples from the vast historiography of famines 
demonstrates the legitimacy and importance of such an investigation. In 
the case of the Great Irish Famine of 1845-1851, a nationalist 
literature, similar to the Ukrainian nationalist literature on the 
Soviet famine, holds the British government responsible.

The British government responsible? No, we can’t have that. Nor was the 
British government responsible for the 1943 famine in Bengal, according 
to Tauger’s “The Indian Famine Crises of WWII”:

	This “man-made” famine argument, however, rests on uncritical 
acceptance of one set of unreliable statistical data that Sen and others 
have incorrectly described as “production data.” As will be shown below, 
scholars who presented this view of the famine had clear evidence that 
discredited these data, but they did not acknowledge this conflicting 
evidence, let alone address its implications. As a result their 
discussions of the rice harvests in Bengal before the famine have 
misrepresented both the data and the causes of the famine. These 
scholars also claim that Bengal had no shortage of rice during the 
famine, yet they minimize or ignore environmental conditions that did in 
fact cause serious shortages. Much more reliable harvest data from rice 
research centers in Bengal during the famine show that Bengal had a 
major harvest failure in 1942 and a significant shortage of rice.

Of course, it is easy for some on the left to recoil at the idea that it 
was natural causes such as drought or blight rather than British 
colonialism that was responsible for the deaths of millions of Irish and 
Indians. Yet, when it comes to Ukraine, we are used to thinking the 
worst. If Victoria Nuland was on the phone with nationalist politicians 
prior to Euromaidan, it seems reasonable that Stalin was forced to 
unleash a brutal repression in the early 30s to prevent Hitler from 
invading Russia—or something like that.

full: https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/03/24/what-caused-the-holodomor/

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