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Fri May 3 10:38:19 MDT 2019

Opening today at the Metrograph theater in New York, the documentary 
“Decade of Fire” tells both the personal story of Vivian Vázquez 
Irizarry, who grew up in the South Bronx, and the South Bronx itself, 
which in the 1960s became a virtual synonym for urban decay. The fire in 
the title refers to the vast number that took place over a decade, 
reducing the housing stock of a once vibrant, working-class area. This 
is not just the story of the South Bronx. It is also about the malign 
neglect that befell many neighborhoods outside the privileged Manhattan 
island that was the site of Woody Allen movies, including a film of that 
title, which was so indifferent to the lives of others.

Irizarry produced, directed and served as narrator for “Decade of Fire”. 
Like many other people in the South Bronx, her grandparents came to the 
USA from Puerto Rico because of jobs disappearing as a result of 
Operation Bootstrap, a version of primitive accumulation that was 
intended to build up the island’s industrial base. As was the case of 
mechanizing the cotton fields in the South, farmers and those not lucky 
enough to find a job were forced to relocate.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/05/03/decade-of-fire/

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