[Marxism] Putin, Trump and Pompeo

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Sat May 4 07:05:21 MDT 2019

True. But Pompeo is also a meathead, let's not forget. His claim that
Maduro was ready to flee Venezuela, and that he only stayed because Putin
told him to, suggests he was tripping. Flee from what? Meanwhile Trump
reported that Russia wasn't seeking to get involved in Venezuela. In this
case, Trump is correct. What does Russia want there (except a bit of a
bargainung chip I suppose).

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> On 5/4/19 8:08 AM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
> > Putin may have pointed out to Trump that Guaido's attempts to win over
> the army have been unsuccessful.  Hence any US invasion of Venez.uela would
> meet strong resistance.  Hence Trump may have decided it is not a good idea.
> I wouldn't put much stock in Trump's off-the-cuff statements. Ever since
> he has been president, his foreign policy statements, especially on
> places like North Korea, are more stream of consciousness than a
> Virginia Woolf novel.
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