[Marxism] What Happens to a Factory Town When the Factory Shuts Down? - The New York Times

Walter Daum foxcave at verizon.net
Sun May 5 18:13:55 MDT 2019

Powerful essay but not complete online. My wife spotted a call for revolution in the print version which is not in the online version. It’s in one of the extended photo captions, under a picture of a lone protester with an American flag and a sign reading “DEAL WITH A REAL EMERGENCY: GM LORDSTOWN!” Here is the text:
Werner Lange, 72Protester
This is my 40th day out here. I usually stand up on the corner there, and the workers come out around 3 PM at the end of the shift. A lot of them will stop by and say, “thank you very much.” They bring hot chocolate, coffee, gift cards for Starbucks and McDonald’s. I get hugs.
This plant is in our blood, and it’s in our bones. Corporations can’t control these people. I’m talking about myself, to. I taught school for most of my life, 40 years of sociology at the college level, most of it just over there at Kent State. I grew up with this plant. The best thing about this valley is the sense of community. We are committed to family, committed to the community, and all we want to do is have a living wage so we can raise our kids and our grandchildren and have a few minutes of leisure.
But all of that is at stake now. It’s almost like a dying patient here. Where’s the righteous anger? Where’s the outrage? Where are the mass protesters? The power is there; it’s just untapped. We want to give it a spirit of resurrection, and if that doesn’t work, try insurrection. I’ll be flying my Spirit of 76 American Revolutionary flag. That’s what that’s all about.

Louis Proyect wroteDate: Sun, 5 May 2019 13:31:40 -0400

Photo-essay on the closing of GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio best seen on 
NY Times website.

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