[Marxism] Katha Pollitt: A Radical Reunion: Harvard’s Student Strikers, 50 Years Later

Alan Ginsberg ginsberg.alan1 at gmail.com
Mon May 6 09:17:55 MDT 2019

We are older, grayer and for the most part, more rotund—but our commitments
to left politics haven't changed.


Pollitt's piece in The Nation differs from many accounts of Students for a
Democratic Society in that it discusses both the positive and negative
aspects of the role of the Progressive Labor Party in SDS. (Most accounts
either ignore PL or denounce it.)

The recent collective memoir, "You Say You Want a Revolution: SDS, PL and
Adventures in Building a Worker-Student Alliance" includes accounts by
participants in the Harvard strike.

Lou Proyect's review of that book is at

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