[Marxism] The Reason Renewables Can't Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed May 8 12:33:56 MDT 2019

Shellenberger's article is excellent and spot on. People should read it. So
a few things...

On Britain: there are only about 8GWs of installed capacity right now
anyway, of coal. Thanks to both natural gas and nuclear, coal is on it' way
out regardless of what happens elsewhere in terms of new generation in the
country. I really want folks to take a look at the "Electricity Map" to see
real-time carbon footprint of each country or region. It is very

Secondly, MM is absolutely correct. The key difference this last week was
natural gas. Natural gas and wind/solar go together perfectly since all
countries with wind and solar need some sort of back up for the make up of
generation daily depending on the time of day and the weather. And all this
made possible by...fracking.

The UK is the one country in western Europe with a large and influential
anti-nuclear/pro-wind/solar lobby. They *do* have a strong wind lobby but
it's not organized politically as it is in other countries. The UK has
decided to build around 8KWs of new nuclear. This might eliminate the need
to repeat the failure in Germany.

Shellenberger has an excellent series on Germany and it's failed "
*Energiewende*" policy.


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