[Marxism] Trump and the reluctance to reckon with something fundamentally new

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed May 8 20:00:17 MDT 2019

Perhaps my point about the Congress wasn't clear enough.   If it were
possible to have a single renegade officeholder, the situation of the
Congress makes explicitly clear that that's not the situation we face.  If
Trump represented some kind of renegade from the broad agenda of the
American ruling class agenda, the financial base of his drones would
shrivel like an old prune.  Not only hasn't this happen, but it remains as
likely as not that they're going to be able to carry the next election.
(This is particularly so given the DNC-Pelosi strategic hope to avoid
anything that would "alienate the Trump voters."

And if Trump is getting played by the capitalist oligarchs of Russia on a
range of issues, it doesn't necessarily place him beyond the broad
parameters of what the American ruling class sees as its mainstream.  And
when he has gone too far on some things--like not imposing the sanctions
the Congress voted on Russia--the rest of the government has pulled him
into line.

Mark L.

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