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Plutocracy - Subterranean Fire

Hello everyone,

I’ve just uploaded the final entry of the “Plutocracy” series: *Subterranean
Fire*.    It can be viewed online
free.  If you missed any of the previous four entries they can be viewed at
the Metanoia website, where I’m currently holding a fundraiser for my next
planned series.   Plutocracy has been described by historian Sharon Smith
as the “story of the American working class.”

Subterranean Fire is my longest film to date, a full two hours, divided
into three parts.

All of the entries in the series were designed to be self-contained.    In
other words, you needn’t have viewed the previous films to enjoy the

The new documentary focuses mostly on the 1930’s to 1950’s – arguably the
most important period in modern American history.   These decades included
the Great Depression, the peak of labor militancy in 1937 (probably the
closest the US has come to a popular revolution since 1787), the rise of
the “guest worker” phenomenon, the counter-attack against labor unions, the
creation of the military industrial complex, the rise of the FBI, the
foundations of the civil rights movement, and the purging of radicals from
organized labor and public life.

For those who think this is ancient history and not particularly relevant,
you will be surprised to see the many parallels to current events.   The
film is particularly relevant insofar as it explains how American unions
were rendered more and more powerless, leading ultimately to neoliberalism
and a general lack of effective working-class resistance.

I’m expecting a couple of reviews in the coming weeks, and will send those
out as they come in.

The subject matter of the Plutocracy series is not exactly light and
fluffy.   It’s frequently very dark, because it’s an accurate telling of
the American experience.   I’m not Ken Burns.   But I’ve also tried to
focus on some of the many inspiring episodes of American history: stories
of ordinary people coming together and fighting back against incredible
odds.   Part V includes a section on the incredible sit-down wave of 1937,
focusing extensively on the auto industry.

I’ve also ended each film on a positive note.  In part I it was the New
Orleans general strike of 1892; in part II it was the Lawrence Textile
Strike, etc.   I end part V with the current resurgence of strike
activity.   Although the situation looks rather bleak, we witnessed more
American strike activity in 2018 than any year since 1986.   We also saw
the largest strike in human history occur in India.

At this year’s Milken Institute conference (basically a gathering of
billionaires), one hedge fund manager warned that they either had to reform
capitalism or face global revolution.  There are interesting times ahead.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated or otherwise contributed to my
work.   I will send out another email shortly explaining my next planned
project.   If you would like to see my films continue please consider
donating to my fundraiser

Scott Noble

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