[Marxism] Is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard being doubly described unfairly for holding pro-drone, pro-occupation views?

J.B. Nicholson jbn at forestfield.org
Sat May 11 11:31:26 MDT 2019

Louis Proyect reviewed Jeffrey St. Clair's "Bernie & The Sandernistas" book 
and makes a point to highlight Sen. Sanders' support for drone war citing 
his 2016 "Meet the Press" interview.

It seems to me that although Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) doesn't call herself 
a socialist, much the same criticism of being pro-drone could be raised 
about her. I've written about this in 
where it seems to me that Gabbard is called "anti-war" or 
"anti-establishment" from supporters and critics alike and neither is 
correct in this description.

In 2018 she told Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept that she's pro-drone and 
used considerable pro-war propaganda anti-war activists used to oppose:

> Jeremy Scahill: I’m wondering what your position, I know that in the
> past you have said that you favor a small footprint approach with strike
> forces and limited use of weaponized drones. Is that still your position
> that you think that’s the — to the extent that you believe the U.S.
> military should be used around the world for counterterrorism, is that
> still your position?
> Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Well, when we’re dealing with the unconventional
> threat of terrorist groups like ISIS, al Qaeda and some of these other
> groups that are affiliated with them, we should not be using basically
> what has been and continues to be the current policy of these mass
> mobilization of troops, these long occupations and trillions of dollars
> going in, really abusing the Authorization to Use Military Force and
> taking action that expands far beyond the legal limitations of those
> current AUMFs.
> So, with these terrorist cells, for example, yes, I do still believe
> that the right approach to take is these quick strike forces, surgical
> strikes, in and out, very quickly, no long-term deployment, no long-term
> occupation to be able to get rid of the threat that exists and then get
> out and the very limited use of drones in those situations where our
> military is not able to get in without creating an unacceptable level of
> risk, and where you can make sure that you’re not causing, you know, a
> large amount of civilian casualties.
around 28m43s into the audio recording.

She's also for some occupations (so long as they're not "long-term" 
whatever that means) and what she said then she's never contradicted or 
claimed was unrepresentative of her views. She did another interview with 
The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald on 2019-05-09 
and contradicted none of what she said to The Intercept in 2018. In other 
words, there's no reason to believe that the establishment-compatible 
language she told The Intercept in 2018 has changed.

Anti-war progressives and anti-war conservatives are interested in talking 
to her and about her campaign but they're not at all keen on bringing up 
this unchallenged 2018 Intercept interview.

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