[Marxism] Time’s Up for Capitalism. But What Comes Next?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 11 13:59:16 MDT 2019

Meanwhile, a new breed of Silicon Valley billionaire is preparing to 
flee from the future. Elon Musk, the former PayPal investor and founder 
of Tesla, the electric car company, occupies the progressive pole of 
this position, promoting renewable energy use while simultaneously 
plotting his rocket-fueled departure from the planet. Worried that life 
on earth may well be ecologically unsustainable, he is pursuing the 
possibility of establishing private colonies on Mars to serve as an 
escape hatch for those who can afford it. In 2018, Musk told an audience 
at the South by Southwest conference that his ideal Mars settlement 
would have everything from “iron foundries to pizza joints to night 
clubs. Mars should really have great bars.” What’s more, it will be run 
as a direct democracy, “where everyone votes on every issue.” Musk’s 
comment was soundly mocked, as his union busting at his factories back 
home was being reported in the media at the time—how democratic can a 
space colony be if owned by someone who denies collective bargaining 
rights on earth and then takes off in a spaceship, leaving most human 
beings on the planet to suffer? Still, his view represents those who are 
not ashamed to imagine a future that only the obscenely prosperous would 
live to see.


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