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John Edmundson johnedmundson4 at gmail.com
Sat May 11 23:16:57 MDT 2019

I don't know much about this issue but I have some nagging questions. Here
in New Zealand, where we have intensive dairy farming but the cattle are
outdoors, grazing in paddocks, dairy is deemed to account for about 50% of
NZ's greenhouse gas emissions. There are debates here about whether or not
the country's farmers need to cull their herds, use as yet undeveloped
(future) technologies, GM to modify the herd to reduce emissions etc.

I don't think the kind of diary farming New Zealand does is sustainable -
one tiny country producing and exporting such a disproportionate amount of
the world's milk seems out of kilter to me, but if New Zealand farming
practice already uses outdoor herd grazing, rotational practices that leave
land fallow for periods of time, and it still produces a nett greenhouse
gas surplus, then what does this all mean? Obviously vegans would say stop
drinking milk, stop any kind of animal farming, but I don't buy that as a
genuine solution.


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> an excellent overview. I fully support the views of this article and have
> written a more extensive essay that dovetails with it here:
> https://oaklandsocialist.com/2018/10/10/developing-a-marxist-approach-to-global-agriculture-a-primer-on-the-role-of-animals-in-maintaining-soil-health/
> I've visited the Marin Carbon Farming Project as well. The author leaves
> out the most important aspect of this and other similar projects:
> regenerative agriculture is based on the use of animal husbandry,
> specifically mob grazing of cattle, to sequester the carbon. The Marin
> project does a kind of "free range" but it works similarly.
> David
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