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Socialism and Democracy is looking for someone to review:


Can the Working Class Change the World?

by Michael D. Yates,

Monthly Review Press.



Karl Marx argued that, because capitalism is the apotheosis of class society, it must, therefore, be destroyed. Only the working class, said Marx, is capable of doing that.


In his timely and innovative book, Michael D. Yates asks if the working class can change the world. If so, how might it overcome inherent divisions of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, location-to become a cohesive and radical force for change? Forcefully and without illusions, Yates supports his arguments with relevant, clearly explained data, historical examples, and his own personal experiences. This book is a sophisticated and prescient understanding of the working class, and what all of us might do to change the world.



Michael Yates not only answers his question with a resounding 'Yes,' but insists that the working class must change the world. What makes this book invaluable, is not its grand conclusion but Yates's clear-eyed, global analysis of capitalism . and a brilliant delineation of what needs to change in order to radically remake the world."


-Robin D. G. Kelley, author, Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination


"Focuses upon the need to shed our individuality and put our faith in the collective will and collective efforts, not only of one country's working class, but that of the whole worlds."


-Chaman Lal, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


If you would like to review this book write to me at george.snedeker at verizon.net


George Snedeker

Book Review Editor

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