[Marxism] different views on veganism and meat eating (Green Left Weekly)

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Thu May 16 23:07:59 MDT 2019

The GLW headline for the interview ("'Our target is the system, not
farmers') isn't  what  was actually said.

Tactically, and how this argument pans out in rural Australia,  rhetoric
doesn't cut it.

The actual full quote from the interview from Kristin Leigh is this:

"It is not the farmers who are the target.

"Places where animals are bred, harmed and killed for food are where the
highest numbers of exploited animals are, so that makes farms the target.

"It is irrelevant whether or not there is a home or farmer on the property;
activists are going to where the animals are to show their suffering and
help people make the connection between them and the food on their plates.

"No one is going to the front doors and living rooms of the farmers. We
have no interest in targeting those individuals. We are targeting the
system itself. "

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