[Marxism] Does the Climate Movement Really Mean What It Says?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 19 06:37:23 MDT 2019

By Howie Hawkins

The endorsement by McKibben and 350 Action of actress Cynthia Nixon for 
her primary challenge to Gov. Cuomo featured her support for the CCPA 
and the target of 100% clean energy by 2050. I was the Green Party 
candidate in that race, but 350 Action (the 501c4 political arm of 
350.org) did not send me their questionnaire, did not respond to my 
request for one, and when I was able to independently get a copy and 
send them my answers, they did not acknowledge their receipt. When Nixon 
lost the primary election, we still could get no response from 350 
Action regarding the general election.

Most of institutionalized progressivism in New York also endorsed Nixon, 
from the post-Sanders campaign organization, New York Progressive Action 
Network, to the Democratic Socialists of America. The DSA faction that 
prevailed in opposing a Green endorsement argued that I was “The 
Can’t-Win Candidate.” At least that was consistent with the goal of 
DSA’s founding father, Michael Harrington, who wanted DSA to represent 
“the left wing of the possible within the Democratic Party.” The wing of 
New York City DSA that thinks the purpose of a socialist movement is to 
change what is possible did succeed in getting a statement adopted that 
criticized Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for endorsing Cuomo on CNN soon 
after the primary. Meanwhile, the Working Families Party quietly made 
the complex maneuvers required to get Nixon off and Cuomo on to their 
ballot line after the primary, making Cuomo their gubernatorial 
candidate for the third straight election.

The Democratic socialists and progressives seemed as starstruck as the 
corporate media, who smothered the “Sex and the City” star with 
coverage. Nixon was far from being a socialist or even a Sanderista. 
None of the socialists and progressives seemed to have checked the 
Federal Election Commission campaign finance records for Nixon, which 
show that Nixon gave the maximum allowable $2,700 donation to Hillary 
Clinton for her primary campaign against Bernie Sanders and also threw 
in another $5,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and $2,300 to the 
Democratic National Committee, both of which infuriated the Sanders 
campaign for collaborating with each other against Sanders. It was no 
surprise when Nixon endorsed Cuomo after the primary.


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