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David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Mon May 20 11:37:45 MDT 2019

Mark wrote: "It looks pretty self-explanatory. The folks who scorned the
idea of
supporting the Greens because they weren't "socialists" now seem to be
sharing their contributors list with the Democrats."

I don't get this at all. It seems that you missed the main message of the
article, which is that the writer is endorsing Kshama Sawant. The context
mentioned is an all-out assault on Sawant by the billionaires of Seattle,
but not just her. Also, notably, Lisa Herbold (my councilmember) is under
the gun. This is notable because Herbold, a first term councilmember, has
spent time and political energy trying to distance herself from the
socialist Sawant even though they mostly agree on policy. This article is
saying that this has done Herbold no good, that the rich are gunning for
her, too, and urges Seattleites to respond by supporting both of them.

Now, while Herbold is a Democrat, Sawant is not. The author's statement of
the Democrat's position on endorsing other parties is accurate, and she
supports ending that. Since it is not, within the 37th District Democrats,
lawful to endorse Sawant, Hagopian does not propose it, but you have to be
blind to not get that she would if she could.

The other thing that matters, that any Democrat and many many others in
Seattle would know, is that Amy Hagopian is a long-time leader of the DP in
Seattle, has held party positions, so the writer has potentially more
weight and influence than the average writer for the South Seattle Emerald.

There is no need to share a list of contributors since all campaign
contributions in the State of Washington must be disclosed very quickly and
Sawant has famously refused any corporate or PAC money. In her first
election she refused a check from David McDonald Photography, a local

I have been spewing anti-Leninist-party invective for some time now so I
hope I don't have to explain my disdain for Socialist Alternative, but I
will say that Sawant has made a gigantic difference in Seattle, from the
fight for $15 Now, cop accountability, the millionaire's tax and much
beside. I attribute this mostly to her outstanding personal leadership
qualities, which are manifest. I support her re-election.

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