[Marxism] Cancel Kyle | Richard Seymour on Patreon

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 22 07:44:45 MDT 2019

However, what made the show's cruelty all the more pointed, all the more 
toxic, was its class hatred. There is absolutely no surprise in the fact 
that Kyle was a Sun columnist, that his first self-justifying book, 
peppered with class spite, was given the Littlejohn-indebted title, I'm 
Only Being Honest, and that his second was given the equally shopworn, 
You Couldn't Make it Up. Nor that Kyle hates the welfare state, reviles 
"benefit scroungers", and lined up with Osbornite austerity. Apart from 
the fact that the show benefited from a palpable lack of social care, 
otherwise it would have no guests, it was a daytime diorama of suburban 
nightmares: tattooed unemployed fuck-ups, deadbeat dads, drug addicted 


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