[Marxism] She Is with Us: Independently-Running Trade Unionist Vanya Grigorova Shakes Up the Bulgarian Campaign for the European Parliament | Lefteast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 24 06:30:20 MDT 2019

Grigorova is from a working-class family living in a marginalized 
neighborhood of Sofia. Nowadays she advises the president of the 
second-largest trade union in the country on economic matters but she 
began her working life as a school cleaner, followed by work in a 
fast-food chain. She manned a stall for clothes in Sofia’s largest and 
cheapest bazaar, patronized by workers and the poor. She also put hours 
as a market researcher and worked for a telecom that went bankrupt and 
didn’t pay her last two salaries. That experience led to her active 
interest in workers’ issues and involvement in the trade union movement. 
As a head of the progressive NGO “Solidary Bulgaria”, she has a decade 
of experience in “civic” causes and initiatives such as the 
anti-TTIP/CETA fight and the struggle for just taxation for which a 
coalition of NGOs, trade unions and small parties collected 30,000 
signatures in 2017.


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