[Marxism] A debate on "Open Borders" prior to the DSA convention

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu May 30 00:03:34 MDT 2019

I argue that presenting open borders as a demand, rather than as an 
aspiration, is a mistake.

It is wrong to demand that countries that are the targets of imperialism 
adopt "open borders" because abolition of their border controls and 
defenses would facilitate attacks against them, primarily from the 
United States. Yet viewed solely as a demand on the U.S. government, it 
not only would  be impractical but also lead to victimization of 
refugees and other immigrants in Europe who likely would be expelled and 
deported to the United States. And in the fight for immigrant and 
refugee rights, it would take the focus away from the fight for 
legalization of the undocumented and accepting Central American refugees.

Full: http://bit.ly/Openborders

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