[Marxism] A Conversation Among Capitalists

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Fri May 31 05:35:24 MDT 2019

Oaklandsocialist has been privy to a private conversation among some
capitalist kingmakers who gathered together on the occasion of the
California Democratic Party convention being held here in San Francisco.
Here are some excerpts:

"*Tom*: First of all, I feel compelled to lay out our position on this
race. Yes, we have discussed this before, but we must be sure that nothing
has changed. Until this juncture, we have all agreed that Trump has
accomplished some excellent achievements, achievements that nobody else
would have been able to accomplish. The most obvious is the tax reform. We
know that we have accomplished a lot on this through all different
administrations, but as we have discussed previously, nobody expected to be
able to go so far, so fast.... We all know that that is of paramount
importance, but we must… I repeat, we *must*… consider the longer term
issues. And the president has proven himself incapable of doing so. Not
only that, but he’s removed all those gentlemen that we were so happy to
help provide for his administration. Gentlemen such as the generals or our
dear friend, Rex....

*Howard [speaking after Biden's name is raised]**:* Hold on, you guys. Hold
on just one damn second here. You guys know me. I came up from the ranks,
and I don’t pull my god damn punches. Joe is a good guy. I like golfing
with him. His god damn hair transplant… well, I guess he needed to do it to
look young, as damn long as he’s been around. *(Howard chuckles here.)*And
I know he’s trying to stay young for the ladies… even the *very *young
ones. Now, I don’t give a damn what a man does behind closed doors. In
fact, I’m fortunate that my doors…. Well, I won’t go any further down that
road. But, come on guys – you watch the news just like I do. You see the
shit-storm Joe kicked up with his touchy-feely stuff on even the young
girls. He swore off it and then just yesterday, here the damn idiot goes
out and does the same damn thing! I mean, what the hell is the guy
thinking? Or maybe he just can’t help himself...."

*Jeffrey**:* Now, hold on a minute, please, Howard. The issue we must
consider is: “What are our options,” assuming we are still in agreement
that we really do need a change in the White House. So, let us go down the
list of the more prominent individuals. First of all, let us consider Mr.

*Jeffrey**:* Yes, Beto. I actually am somewhat personally familiar with the
young man. He cuts a fine figure, you know. Youthful, fine smile, you know.
Fine smile. And politically, he appears to be quite reliable. However….

*Howard** (interrupting)*: Come off the bullshit, Jeff. *(According to our
informant, Howard has consumed several scotch and sodas by this time.) *A
goddam smile – that’s all well and good. Sure, you need that to sell the
goddam goods. But have you ever seen him talk? The damn guy jumps up on
tables… *Do you hear me? He jumps up on the goddam table!*… and waffles on
flapping his hands all around. Can you imagine what would happen if he fell
off the table while he’s running for president? And, anyway, nobody’s going
to take him seriously when he’s flapping his arms around like a goddam
wounded duck. Nope, young Beto won’t do. Maybe in four or eight years, and
after he’s won a major political race, but now? Forget about it.

They continue to discuss the relative merits of some of the other

And if you want to believe that this is for real, well, that's up to you...
But you got to admit: It could have happened!

Read the entire conversation here:
*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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