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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 1 06:09:36 MDT 2019

By Jeffrey St. Clair

Fortunately, there are no demand letters this morning. But there was a 
torrent of hate mail, which is always more instructive to read than the 
rare herogram. “Why are you so soft on Putin?” “Why are you in Putin’s 
pocket?” “Your blind support of Assad is outrageous.” “Why did 
CounterPunch turn its back on the Syrian regime?” “ANTIFA are fascist 
scum.” “ANTIFA is the last line of defense against fascists.” “You guys 
are climate deniers.” “Why did CounterPunch abandon Cockburn’s critique 
of global warming science?” “You Bernie Bros are responsible for Trump!” 
“I’ve donated for many years, but not after St. Clair’s vile attacks on 
Bernie.” “What do you have against Tulsi?”

I sympathize with the confusion. Unlike many political sites, 
CounterPunch doesn’t a have company line. The online edition of 
CounterPunch has always been a venue where different voices, on what can 
loosely be described as the “left,” can freely engage in fierce debates 
about politics, economics, war, movies, racism, music and political 
movements. We’ve tried to make CounterPunch free from dogma and cant, 
but to keep it open for writers with fresh points of view and vivid 
writing styles. The experience can perplex readers who are used to 
grazing in the usual media feedlots of processed prose and 
artificially-colored opinions.


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