[Marxism] Syria's Al-Assad: Trump, Openly Criminal, is the best US President we could Wish for

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 03:04:26 MST 2019

The statement by Assad (and I agree he's right about the "value" of Trump's
transparency even though he [Assad] is a mass murderer) does raise an
interesting question ---

1)  Is Trump --- due both to his idiocy AND to his ultra-nationalism --- an
UNWITTING agent of the withdrawal of the US from "the American Empire"??
2)  Think about it -- the policy of the US since the end of World War II
(if Larry Shoup is right it began before the US had even entered WW II) has
been to secure a WORLD WIDE "empire" (an "empire of so-called free trade" a
la the 19th century British version --- in Latin America and elsewhere
besides the official colonies) -- initially to protect long term interests
against the axis powers in the early years of WW II, then to protect the
"free world" from "godless communism [!!]" after WW II and then to keep it
expanding and "under control" after WW II --- and TRUMP has explicitly (if
not in practice due to the foot-dragging of the residual establishment that
still exists up and down the bureaucracy and the government in general)
repudiated that ....

BUT HAS HE?    Is he SO DUMB that whatever he wants, the American empire
keeps chugging along OR has he damaged it enough that --- "objectively" ---
he has begun a process that will mean the long run unravelling of the
American empire??

AND --- since we want desperately to stave off the domestic fascism that he
and his minions are in the process of creating, are we willing to "allow"
the restoration of a true American imperialism under whichever candidate
(outside of Bernie -- and MAYBE Warren) the Dems put up against him??

THis last question is why the first question if vitally important ....

(I miss Bill Williams -- he had such great insights ....)


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