[Marxism] The Price of "Progress" - CounterPunch.org

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 4 07:21:14 MST 2019

In Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress, author Christopher Ryan 
proposes the most controversial explanation offered today for what is 
wrong with our world. The problem began with advent of agriculture which 
gave rise to civilization: the movement of human activity from a life of 
cooperative community foraging together to one of individual competition 
for personal gain.

Ryan notes that scholars wonder why for thousands of years, when humans 
lived in hunter-gatherer (forager) societies, “nothing was happening” to 
signify progress. His explanation is that humans were essentially happy 
and satisfied with their lives. Then they became civilized promoting the 
concept of progress that has led humanity into misery.


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