[Marxism] Julian Assange’s Extradition Process Is ‘A Charade’

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue Nov 5 12:23:31 MST 2019

"...so many human rights groups are deeply political, Amnesty 
International never made Chelsea Manning a prisoner of conscience. A 
really disgraceful thing. Chelsea Manning, who was effectively tortured 
in prison, and they haven’t, as you say, they haven’t elevated Julian’s 
case. Why? Well, they’re an extension. They’re an extension of an 
establishment that is now almost systematically coming down on any form 
of real dissent. In the last five, six years, the last gaps, the last 
bolt holes, the last spaces in the mainstream media for journalists, 
from average journalists for the likes Assange, not only Assange, for 
the likes of people like even myself and others, have closed.

The mainstream media, certainly in Britain, always held open those 
spaces. They’ve closed, and there is generally I would think a fear, 
right throughout the media, a fear about opposing the state on something 
like the Assange case. You see the way the whole obsession with Russia 
has consumed the media with so many nonsensical stories. The hostility, 
the animosity towards Julian. My own theory is that his work shamed so 
many journalists. He does what journalists ought to have done, and don’t 
do any more. He’s done the job of a journalist. That can only explain 
it. I mean when you take a newspaper like The Guardian, which published 
originally the WikiLeaks revelations about Iraq and Afghanistan, they 
turned on Julian Assange in the most vicious way.

They exploited him for one thing. A number of their journalists did 
extremely well with their books, and Hollywood scripts, and so on, but 
they turned on him personally. It was one of the most unedifying sights 
I think I’ve ever seen in journalism. The same thing happened in the New 
York Times. Again, I can only surmise the reason for that. It’s that he 
shames them. We have a desert of journalism at the moment. There are a 
few who still do their jobs; who still stand up against establishment 
power; who still are not frightened. But there’re so few now, and Julian 
Assange is totally fearless in that. He knew that he was going to run 
into a great deal of trouble with the state in Britain, the state in the 
United States–but he went ahead anyway. That’s a true journalist."


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