[Marxism] Syrian Kurds OK US-led oil mission

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Thu Nov 7 21:58:04 MST 2019

Look, Chris, may be the PYD/YPG has unknown super-powers which no other 
organization in the world possesses. So may be they can really magically 
"use" the US, Russia and Assad. But if you think rationally about the 
whole issue, what do you think is more likely:

1) That a small organization without any state power manipulates two of 
the strongest imperialist Great Powers plus a regime with a huge state 
apparatus which successfully killed hundreds of thousands of people in 
the last 8,5 years?

2) Or that these powers manipulate the, in comparison, small and 
impotent PYD/YPG?

I think one does not need to be an Einstein to know the answer!

However, I am aware that, unfortunately, opportunism sometimes clouds 
the mind!

Am 07.11.2019 um 22:16 schrieb Chris Slee:
> The SDF are trying to use both Russia and the US to deter further 
> Turkish aggression against northeastern Syria.  Neither is a reliable 
> ally.
> Russia wants to see the SDF weakened so they will accept the 
> restoration of Assad's rule in northeastern Syria.  But Russia 
> probably does not want Turkey permanently occupying a large area of 
> Syrian territory.  So it may be willing to deter any further expansion 
> of the Turkish-occupied zone.
> The US ruling class is divided over Syria.  It seems most of them want 
> to keep a presence there, for various reasons including rivalry with 
> Russia and Iran, desire to ensure ISIS does not revive, desire to 
> control the oil, etc.  Public sympathy for Rojava because of its 
> commitment to women's rights and religious pluralism is also a factor 
> which may have some influence on politicians.
> The presence of US troops in the oil producing area of Deir Ezzor may 
> deter Turkey from trying to invade that area, or bombing it to destroy 
> the oil wells and deprive the SDF of resources.
> Chris Slee
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> Another confirmation of the ongoing service of the PYD/YPG for US
> imperialism (while at the same time negotiating with Assad and Russian
> imperialism).
> https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/11/syria-kurds-sdf-pentagon-oil-mission-kobane.html
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