[Marxism] The Nation's anti-endorsement of Biden stand

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 06:52:25 MST 2019

They'll almost certainly retract this in the name of "lesser evilism" if
Biden runs against Trump, but at this point, it's a surprise

"Biden's long record of poor judgment—on everything from the 1994 crime
bill that fueled mass incarceration to his botched handling of Anita Hill's
testimony against Clarence Thomas to his defense of Bill Clinton's brutal
welfare cuts to his support for the Iraq War to his role as cheerleader for
Wall Street deregulation," argues The Nation editorial, make the candidate
a uniquely weak opponent to put up against President Donald Trump, "whose
reelection poses a clear and present danger to America's survival as a
constitutional republic."


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