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Fri Nov 8 22:57:59 MST 2019

It's an interesting example of how far workers have been pushed back in the
intervening century.  . .

"Described by Lenin as the world’s first Red Army, the Irish Citizen Army
was formed by members of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union and
other trade unionists in Dublin in August 1913.  Socialist and therefore
also republican, the ICA was not, however, the first working class
paramilitary organisation to be formed in Ireland in Ireland in the early
1900s.  That honour goes to Fianna Eireann, a predominantly working class
youth organisation founded by Constance, Countess Markievicz who would go
on to be a key figure in the workers’ militia.

*The Fianna*

Markievicz, a militant left-wing republican, was moved to form the Fianna
in August 1909 for two reasons.

One was that, while new to Irish republicanism – she had thrown herself
into it just the year before – she had already decided that any serious
political movement for Irish freedom would, sooner or later, have to
confront Britain in arms.  Her reading of Irish history had taught her that
if you built a serious political movement, at some point the British state
would confront you with its military force.  Unless you were armed and
prepared to fight, your movement would end in ignominy, confusion and
demoralisation. . ."
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