[Marxism] 3 Syrian soldiers killed, 12 others injured in Turkish attacks (ANF)

RKOB aktiv at rkob.net
Sun Nov 10 00:37:17 MST 2019

Well, in this conflict between the Turkish Army and Assad's army, I 
support neither side.

Unfortunately, the PYD/YPG (which hides behind the name SDF) helps Assad 
getting reclaiming control over the North-East of Syria. Equally 
unfortunately, self-proclaimed leftists (like the Australian GLW and 
others) even help the PYD/YPG raising their public profile (which many 
European and U.S. establisment politicians are doing much more 
effectively, by the way). A highly regrettable chain of joint support 
for the bloody dictatorship.

Chris (rightly) warns against the Turkish policy of expelling people. 
However, he might have heard that Assad expelled many millions from 
their home. But surely, this does not hinder the unholy alliance of 
PYD/YPG/GLW to side with Assad! The US protectorate called "Rojava" is 
certainly much more important than the fate of the Syrian people!

Am 09.11.2019 um 23:33 schrieb Chris Slee via Marxism:
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> https://anfenglishmobile.com/rojava-syria/3-syrian-soldiers-killed-12-others-injured-in--turkish-attacks-39169
> The invading Turkish army has killed and injured a number of soldiers in Assad's army.  This might be unintentional, but I suspect not.
> Erdogan aims to occupy as much of northeastern Syria as possible.  He wants to crush the Rojava revolution.  He has spoken of settling two million refugees from other parts of Syria in the northeast, which implies expelling much of the existing population.
> Assad would be prepared to accept a limited Turkish incursion aimed at weakening the  SDF and the Autonomous Administration sufficiently that they would agree to accept the return of his regime's control over the northeast.  But he does not want a permanent Turkish occupation of a large part of Syria's territory.  Hence the potential for armed conflict between the Assad regime and Turkey.
> Chris Slee
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