[Marxism] 3 Syrian soldiers killed, 12 others injured in Turkish attacks (ANF)

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Sun Nov 10 03:45:54 MST 2019

Am 09.11.2019 um 23:33 schrieb Chris Slee via Marxism:

> The invading Turkish army has killed and injured a number of soldiers in
Assad's army ... Hence the potential for armed conflict between the Assad
regime and Turkey.

The Assad regime and Erdogan will do as they're told. Putin is completely
in control. The clashes going on are on the new "borders" of the messy
lines between what has been given to Erdogan and what has been given to
Assad. There is zero potential for clashes beyond that. In this case Tel
Temr is both a Kurdish town and not directly south of Ras al-Ayn, but
slightly to the east, and therefore slightly outside the zone given to
Turkey. For their part, the YPG are of course right to defend a Kurdish
town against Turkey. Turkey is pushing because it is the nearest main town
to what would be the new "border" between the zones, while Assad will
sacrifice some "Syrian soldiers" because it is strictly speaking outside of
Erdogan's zone.

Both Assad and Erdogan are happy to sacrifice some cannon fodder despite
the "borders" already having been assigned by Russia, in both cases as
propaganda trophies showing "resistance".

I agree with RKOB that there is no-one to support in clashes between the
Turkish and Assadist armies. However, in specific cases we can judge based
on the will of the population and the relative weight of armies. As Tel
Tamr is Kurdish, if the key forces fighting there are the SDF rather than
Assad troops, they certainly have a right to resist Turkish invasion and
occupation, and probable ethnic cleansing. On the other hand, as we saw in
Manbij, the SDF is now acting in the role of Assadist cop against the
largely Arab population of the city. In the two major towns taken by
Turkey, there was clearly Kurdish resistance in the joint Arab-Kurdish town
of Ras al-Ayn (and its surrounds), and a brutal Turkish-led conquest
including both aerial bombing and death squad activity; in contrast, the
major regional town of Tal Abyad saw virtually no resistance; not only is
it a mainly Arab city, but there is also considerable evidence that among
the ex-rebel forces that entered were refugees from Tal Abyad who had been
expelled by the SDF when it (and the US airforce) seized the town from
ISIS, who have been living the last four years in Turkey.

I went to the link Chris sent that told us about how the "Turkish invasion
army and allied ISIS/Al-Nusra mercenaries" had killed some "Syrian
soldiers", and so went to the page that says "Rojava/Syria". Since the page
promised to talk of Syria in general, not only Rojava, I thought there
might be some expressions of solidarity with, or at least some basic
information about, the people of Idlib getting pulverised by the Assad
regime ("Syrian soldiers") and the Russian invasion airforce. As I might
have expected, I was disappointed. It seems the PYD/YPG tunnel vision of
the world, where the word solidarity hasn't been discovered yet, continues.

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