[Marxism] Blow to Amazon as Seattle socialist looks to have triumphed in key vote | US news | The Guardian

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 07:29:36 MST 2019

The thing that amazes me about the reaction of Amazon is that the actual
IMPACT of whatever the Seattle city council passes would be NEGLIGIBLE when
it comes to the giant's bottom line -- so what's going on?   I think it's
the same issue as the general "cry-baby' billionaires demonstrate.  They
don't just want to SUCCEED and become unbelievably wealthy -- they want to
be LOVED and PRAISED for doing it!!!   And when they don't get the praise
they throw tantrums like that guy Cooperman who wrote the famous letter to
Obama back in 2011 (year???) -- and who just came out with something
shorter attacking Elizabeth Warren ---

That seems to be why Bloomberg wants to get into the race ....

I guess the human brain is beyond understanding no matter what the
Behavioral Psychologists assert (!!!)

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