[Marxism] Marxism] Noel Ignatiev has died

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Sun Nov 10 11:22:14 MST 2019

> Noel was a friend.
> I will be posting some remembrances soon.
I look forward to that, he comes across as an admirable character. I found his book “How the Irish Became White” very informative. I didn’t realise until recently that he was an ex-comrade of Theodore W. Allen who wrote “The Invention of the White Race”. Immigrants have arrived on that continent and gradually liberated themselves as races/peoples/nations, but the original sin remains - the oppression of descendants of slaves as a people caste.

'In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.' Proclamation of Independence, 1916.

'The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.' Karl Marx, 1852.

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