[Marxism] Gallup Survey shows majority denounces Assad and YPG deal with the regime

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 13 15:14:29 MST 2019

On 11/13/19 4:50 PM, Nick Fredman via Marxism wrote:
> This is concerning but not unexpected given the Arab
> chauvinism propagated by the regime and many rebel groups and the
> anti-Kurdish racism propagated by Turkey.

Assad? Arab chauvinism? Are you kidding? The only chauvinism he ever 
displayed was on behalf of the Alawite minority that aligned with the 
Sunni elite to keep the nation as his personal dungeon. Oh, except for 
the liberated territory the PYD ruled as part of their non-aggression 
pact with the bloodiest dictatorship of the 21st century.

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