[Marxism] Gallup Survey shows majority denounces Assad and YPG deal with the regime

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Wed Nov 13 15:24:31 MST 2019

How naive

Does anyone believe this "Gallup survey" in these war conditions and strife held there -
represent actual views of the majority, or significant numbers?  Even when limited to a small region of Syria.
Gallup is a suspect company as well comrades, as not being "neutral"!

Perhaps some academics possibly whom never had to experience being in such civil war conditions - might believe,
but why would any Marxist?

Do you think that strangers asking people what they actually think and believe, are going to provide?

What remains clear to me is:
there is no mass left group in Syria
often we have posts from academics in comfort outside of Syria who know less of actual conditions there

Personally and politically, I am more interested in what advances the KWP and YPG can make
than the now familiar Vienna Austria street corner gatherrings of the "chosen party of the faithful".

We understand the weaknesses in the Syria left - that seems comparable to the U. S. in current ways
with religious forces and idea,s being of more influence than Marxist thought.

The struggle for 'hearts and minds" are not being advanced in these posings - just ego and
some weird identifying with forces from comfort far from the strife and conditions that many
Syrian people endure daily.

Any illusion that the governments of Turkey, Russia, Iran or their surrogates, will bring about a
Syrian workers government, or even local worker controlled communities opposing capitalism and
exploitation, seems unrealistic and against Marxist awareness and thought of the Class Strugle.


A survey conducted by the same organisation across the whole of Syria in March 2018 found that 41 percent thought Russia had a "positive" influence on Syria.

41 percent thought Turkey had a positive influence (presumably not the same 41%, though there might be some overlap as a result of various Russia-Turkey deals).

40% thought the Assad regime had a positive influence, compared with 40% for the "opposition", 15% for the SDF and 10% for "Al Nusrah".

I remain skeptical.  But perhaps RKOB will cease opposing the Astana process, given the seeming popularity of Russia, Turkey and Assad.

Chris Slee

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