[Marxism] Gallup Survey shows majority denounces Assad and YPG deal with the regime

mkaradjis . mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 19:39:30 MST 2019

Very interesting survey. I'd agree that 600 is not much to go by and that
it is obviously skewed by not including the areas where Kurds and others
are actively under attack by Turkey now. Nevertheless, quite a bit of it
rings true.

I agree with Nick that "Whatever the precise validity of the results, it
likely reflects a large
proportion of Arab people, in these areas, opposing the revolutionary

Unfortunately, Nick is so starry-eyed about the "revolutionary
administration" that he can't imagine that Arabs might have their own
reasons to not like being ruled over by a Kurdish militia (and one with
plenty of non-Syrian Kurds in command). According to Nick, the reason a lot
of Arabs in the region might oppose PYD rule is because of

"the Arab chauvinism propagated by the regime and many rebel groups and the
anti-Kurdish racism propagated by Turkey."

Geez Nick, about the liberation of the oppressed being the work of the
oppressed themselves and all that, so when ISIS was evicted from Raqqa by
so many US bombs that thousands of civilians were killed and 90% of the
city destroyed, in marched the SDF and the first thing they did? Erected a
gigantic portrait of Ocalan - a Kurd from Turkey - to dominate the city,
inhabited by Syrian Arabs. Highly symbolic.

I recommend having a read of Elizabeth Tsurkov here for a more nuanced view
of the issue of the effective domination of the official multi-ethnic
Federation structures by a Kurdish party:
https://carnegieendowment.org/sada/79542 and think about the struggles that
have already taken place against SDF rule in the region (eg
even before the SDF's deal with Assad. Obviously the people see SDF rule as
infinitely better than that of Assad, but of course now there is
generalised revolt in Deir Ezzor against the prospect of Assad's forces
returning as part of the SDF-Assad deal.

If Nick thinks these uprisings and movements and attitudes of Syrian Arabs
in the northeast is all caused by "Arab chauvinism" (yeh, how chauvinist to
not want to be ruled by a Kurdish militia) I think he needs to check his
SDF romanticism a little.

I'm more surprised at the idea that 23% of Kurds might support the Turkish
invasion. It doesn;t ring true, especially given the fact that the anti-PYD
Kurdish parties grouped in the Kurdish national Council (KNC) have
condemned the invasion, and even the Iraqi Kurdish leadership has.

As for most Arabs in the region preferring a return of ISIS over a return
of Assad, admittedly it is hard to imagine anyone desiring a return of a
regime as facist and totalitarian as that of ISIS. However, there probably
is more to it than people want to believe. Those who immediately brush it
off as rubbish probably have no idea what it means to live under the
fascist and totlaitarian Assad regime. The fact that so many westerners -
governemnt spokeseople and ordinary people, including leftists, alike, can
be heard saying that Assad is bad but he is a better alternative than ISIS,
is evidence mostly of ignorance. If there's anything to this poll, it tells
us who doesn't know anything about what's happening ion the ground, who has
no idea of how ordinary Syrians feel, as John O'Brien alludes to.


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