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Thu Nov 14 13:17:30 MST 2019

Hi all,

Ben Hillier has gone to HK to report on the state of the movement there for
Redflag. Check out his coverage:

"Hong Kong Polytechnic is calm, the barricades enormous, and the graffiti
ubiquitous. Among the slogans are “Liberty or death”, “Kill someone, pay
the price”, and “If your family member were killed, would you still go to
work?” The last is an exhortation for the city’s workers to strike over the
death of 22-year-old Chow Tsz-lok last week. Police say he fell from a car
park. Students don’t believe it.

Several buildings have been smashed up, including the ground floor of the
registrar’s office. Masked students chat in a coffee shop amid the
shattered glass. Others continue spraying political slogans on the ground
outside the student association and on walls not already covered. Two more
drive seconded maintenance vehicles about. On the roof, a lookout keeps
watch. They are nervous, one student says, about another police offensive,
like that at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

CUHK is under siege. The train line to it has been shut and, being in the
outer east of the region, you can get there only by car. But police have
set up roadblocks to control who goes into the area. The university has
cancelled all classes until the end of the year and is telling resident
students to leave. It is an ominous development that will isolate the
activists on campus and open them to a perhaps more ferocious attack. At
least 60 people were injured when police invaded the campus on Tuesday,
firing rubber bullets and tear gas. It wasn’t just current students. Many
alumni rushed to the university to help. The university president and other
officials came to negotiate with police. They were tear gassed as well.

The university has historically been one of the centres of student activism
in Hong Kong. And it has been at the forefront of opposition to the
now-shelved “extradition law” – a catalyst for the current upheaval because
it would have allowed Hong Kongers to be extradited to the mainland for
trial and imprisonment. “These students have been very active”, Au Loong
Yu, a veteran activist and author, says in his office on the other side of
town. “CUHK got the moniker ‘Riot University’ from pro-Beijing netizens and
it has been taken up by many people. They and the police say the dorms are
factories for producing Molotov cocktails and that the university
encourages it.” CUHK militants certainly are tough. After suffering the
assault on Tuesday, today (Wednesday) students were testing a catapult they
built to launch petrol bombs at police when they next try to take the
campus, according to a report in the *South China Morning Post*. There is
consensus here that CUHK is the most important centre of university
activism and – depending on which side you are on – that it must be either
defended or crushed.
He will be reporting daily. https://redflag.org.au/node/6951

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