[Marxism] Billionaires, Finance Capital and Superdelegates | Washington Babylon

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 02:50:17 MST 2019

Given the attempt to sabotage Warren and/or Sanders (that's the key to the
NY Times articles -- especially on the OP ED page --- as well as the
"search" for a "new" candidate which is why Patrick and Bloomberg seem to
be entering the race I think it is essential that Bernie and Elizabeth make
a PACT ---- whoever is "ahead" in the delegate count by, say, the end of
the three SUPER-TUESDAYS must throw his/her support to the other, DIRECT
their delegates to vote for the other and make sure that ONE OR THE OTHER
is the nominee --- I've even heard the (unlikely) recommendation that the
second place progressive be the VP nominee --- (I know, two old White Folks
no matter how progressive and even though the "venn diagram" of supporters
does not overlap that much goes against conventional wisdom -- but in fact
"conventional wisdom" has been wrong so often ....???) ---THE POINT IS --
there cannot be a Warren and a Sanders bloc at the convention making sure
that it is "brokered" by cancelling out each other on the first ballot ---

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